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The COVID-19 Community Data Resources Portal is a collection of resources for tracking data related to COVID-19. We will be updating this page regularly with news article links and new data resources as they become available.

We invite Community Data Program members to contact us with requests for COVID-19 community vulnerability data resources available from our catalogue.

Version 3.0 of the Community Recovery Dashboard is now available from the CDP catalogue! 

The Community Recovery Dashboard is a Tableau dashboard, created to provide a monitoring tool for medium and long term COVID-19 recovery. The latest version of the Community Recovery Dashboard can be downloaded here.

COVID-19 Data News

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COVID-19 Epidemiological Data Centres

 ResourceTables, Dashboards and MapsGeography
John Hopkins University & Medicine Coronavirus Resource CenterGlobal
Goverment of Canada Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pageCanada
Statistics Canada: COVID-19    
A data perspective
British Columbia Centre for Disease Control: BC COVID-19 DataProvince/Territory
Government of Alberta: COVID-19 info for Albertans
Government of Saskatchewan COVID-19 page
Government of Manitoba COVID-19 page
Public Health Ontario: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Gouvernement du Québec: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Québec
Laval University: COVID-19 in Quebec
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador COVID-19 Page
Government of New Brunswick Coronavirus disease    
(COVID-19) page
Government of Nova Scotia Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) page
Government of Prince Edward Island COVID-19 page
Government of Yukon COVID-19 page
Government of the Northwest Territories COVID-19 page
Government of Nunavut COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) page
Esri Canada: COVID-19 Resources
 City of Toronto COVID-19 pageMunicipal
 Region of Peel: Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) page
 Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit: COVID-19 HealthSTATS page
 York Region COVID-19 Page
 Durham Region: COVID-19 Update
 Ottawa Neighbourhood Study: COVID-19 in Ottawa Neighbourhoods
 McGill University: COVID-19 Quebec Dashboard
 Santé Montréal: Coronavirus COVID-19
 Peterborough Public Health: COVID-19

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COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Monitoring Resources in the CDP Catalogue

Employment, business, health and financial data

Census: Seniors living alone

Census: Low income populations (many more tables available in the catalogue)

More tables


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Additional Resources

Monitoring COVID-19Google COVID-19 Mobility ReportGoogle
Covid Act Now - America’s COVID warning system (interactive map)Covid Act Now
COVID Near You (interactive map using self-reported data)COVID Near You
Access to critical servicesNational Broadband Internet Service Availability MapGovernment of Canada
Economic impacts and recoveryCOVID-19 Economic Recovery DashboardDeloitte
Canadian Economic Dashboard and COVID-19Statistics Canada
Vulnerable populationsEmployment insurance beneficiaries by census division, monthly, unadjusted for seasonalityStatistics Canada
OECD Measuring Well-being - COVID-19: Protecting people and societiesOrganisation for Economic    
Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Evidence for Transformative Change: UNRISD Survey on Responses to COVID-19 and Vulnerable CommunitiesUnited Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) (interactive map using self-reported data)

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